Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Journey about Women’s Health

Sometimes the people you meet can change the course of your life. I was so fortunate 15 years ago to meet two women, Mollye Block and Harriet Legum, who infused my personal and professional life with new meaning. Mollye and Harriet had recently met; both were cancer survivors. They soon realized that they were impassioned about empowering women with health knowledge. After all, armed with information about new medical discoveries, women can pursue the best medical care for themselves and those they love.

Since then, Mollye, Harriet, a colleague named Chris White, and I have traveled a most rewarding path. We have created the block-buster Johns Hopkins Medicine’s annual women’s health conference, A Woman’s Journey. Organizing this conference has taught us a great deal about medical advances that can improve women’s health. We have been touched by so many women’s lives and have witnessed Johns Hopkins physicians changing the lives of those who attend the conference.

Through this blog, I hope to share some of the insights and information that I have gained along our own journeys as women. Sometimes, Johns Hopkins physicians will offer guest blogs to bring you medical knowledge first hand. In the meantime, visit the conference website (www.hopkinsmedicine.org/awomansjourney) to watch a short video about A Woman’s Journey, hear Mollye and Harriet speak about the conference, and stay tuned……

Leslie | awomansjourney@jhmi.edu