Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gift of Life

Hopkins is full of amazing people. There is no shortage of inspiration and dedication.

Recently I learned that Pamela Paulk, vice president of Human Resources for the Johns Hopkins Health System and Hospital has chosen to donate her kidney to a fellow Hopkins employee. Surgery is now completed, and as a result of her organ donation, Pamela contributed to an eight-way kidney swap. It's not every day that someone gives the gift of life to another individual.

I have been sharing Pamela's story with others, including Saturday night when we had dinner with old friends who themselves are preparing to donate and receive a kidney transplant. Like Pamela, my friend is a glow at the thought that she can make a difference.

Pamela will share her personal story and the motivation that led her to save the lives of strangers at the Johns Hopkins Medicine women's health conference A Woman's Journey, Saturday November 14. Plan to come and hear her story. In the meantime, you can follow Pamela's blog: http://pameladonates.blogspot.com/


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